Following a period of depression and uncertainty Yeshambel left school before completing Grade 10 in 2010.

Whilst Yeshambel is not an academic he is a young man of remarkable character and integrity and is very keen to work hard to provide for his brother and sister. Last year he borrowed money from a Cousin to buy a TukTuk and this which proved successful in enabling him to earn a reasonable living. However due to family circumstances and cultural tradition he had to sell the Tuk tuk and lost the ability to earn his living.

 In order for Yeshambel to have a secure future we have decided to raise money to buy him another Tuk Tuk.

We’ve asked him to be responsible for raising 10% of the cost and we will raise the remaining 90% i.e £2000. It is hoped we will purchase a second-hand Tuk Tuk during our visit coming up in October 2012.

Note: Would you help us and this remarkably young man to  buy a Tuk Tuk?  Please send a donation through our link on the home page. Thank you very much.